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Khawaja Anver Majid leads Omni Group as Founder and Chairman, with Khawaja Abdul Ghani Majid as CEO and Khawaja Salman Younis as COO. Omni Group drives industrial innovation and social responsibility in Pakistan, spanning diverse sectors. Committed to community welfare, especially in healthcare, Omni Group aims to enhance access in underserved areas

Building Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystems:
At the core of Omni Group’s healthcare initiatives lies a commitment to building sustainable healthcare ecosystems that address the needs of marginalized communities. Through strategic partnerships and investments, Omni Group leverages its resources to strengthen healthcare infrastructure, enhance medical services, and promote preventive healthcare measures.

Flood Relief Efforts and Disaster Response:
In times of crisis, Omni Group, led by Khawaja Abdul Ghani Majid, rapidly deploys its resources to provide relief and assistance to communities affected by natural disasters such as floods. By setting up free medical camps and distributing essential supplies, Omni Group plays a vital role in mitigating the impact of disasters on public health and well-being.

Community Health Camps:
Omni Group, under the guidance of Khawaja Mustafa Majid and Khawaja Ali Kamal Majid as Directors, organizes regular community health camps in rural and underserved areas, providing access to basic healthcare services for those who lack access to medical facilities. These camps offer free medical consultations, diagnostic tests, and medications, ensuring that individuals receive timely healthcare interventions.

Employment Opportunities and Economic Development:
By creating employment opportunities in its various industries, Omni Group contributes to economic development, which in turn improves access to healthcare for communities. Through job creation and skill development initiatives, Omni Group empowers individuals to lead healthier and more prosperous lives.

Philanthropic Endeavors: Beyond its corporate activities, Omni Group, supported by Nazli Majid, wife of Khawaja Anver Majid, and Noor Majid, wife of Khawaja Nimr Majid, is deeply involved in philanthropic endeavors aimed at improving social welfare. From supporting education to organizing free medical camps, Omni Group’s philanthropic initiatives have a far-reaching impact on the lives of individuals and communities across Pakistan.

Collaboration with Government and NGOs:
Omni Group collaborates closely with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders to address healthcare challenges effectively. By aligning efforts and resources, these partnerships enable Omni Group to maximize its impact and reach a larger population with essential healthcare services.

In conclusion, Omni Group of Companies exemplifies the transformative power of corporate social responsibility in driving positive change in society. Through its healthcare initiatives, Omni Group is not only improving access to medical services but also empowering communities to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. As Omni Group continues its journey of growth and expansion, its commitment to social welfare remains unwavering, setting a benchmark for corporate citizenship in Pakistan and beyond.