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New Dadu Sugar Mills: Driving Economic Growth and Social Development in Sindh

Industry: Sugar
Commencement of Operations: 2008
Location: District Dadu, Sindh

New Dadu Sugar Mills, formerly under the management of the Government of Pakistan through the Pakistan International Development Corporation (PIDC), faced persistent production losses, leading to its closure in 1999. Following a decade of dormancy, the facility underwent a remarkable transformation when Omni Group acquired it in July 2008, making it one of the world’s most advanced sugar production plants.

Key Investments and Innovations: Under the strategic leadership of Omni Group, led by Founder and Chairman Khawaja Anver Majid and Group Chief Executive Officer Khawaja Abdul Ghani Majid, New Dadu Sugar Mills was revitalized with state-of-the-art equipment imported from FCB, France. This investment included three Boiler Houses, a Power House, a Process House, and a Mill House, making it the second complete FCB plant globally.

Quick Facts:

  • Number Of Employees: Over 600
  • Commencement of Operations: 2008
  • Crushing Capacity: 5,000 TCD
  • Products: White Refined Sugar, Molasses, Bagasse, Pressmud
  • Quality: White Refined Sugar (Grade: R1)
  • Sales Tax Regn: 01-09-1701-001-82
  • Date of Incorporation: 30/05/2008
  • Shareholding Pattern: Majority held by Khawaja Nimr Majid (69%)

Directors’ Leadership: The visionary guidance of Omni Group’s esteemed directors has been instrumental in steering New Dadu Sugar Mills towards success:

  • Khawaja Nimr Majid: As Director and Majority Shareholder, Khawaja Nimr Majid provides strategic oversight and direction, ensuring the company’s continued growth and success.
  • Khawaja Mustafa Majid and Khawaja Ali Kamal Majid: These directors play pivotal roles in driving innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable growth within the organization.
  • Khawaja Salman Younis: Serving as Group Chief Operating Officer, Khawaja Salman Younis leads operational strategies and ensures seamless integration with Omni Group’s broader objectives.

Regional Influence and Impact: New Dadu Sugar Mills has emerged as a key driver of economic growth and social development in Sindh. Through its operations, the mill generates employment opportunities, supports local businesses, and contributes significantly to the region’s economy. Additionally, the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is evident through various community welfare projects, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure development initiatives.

New Dadu Sugar Mills, under the visionary leadership of Omni Group and its esteemed directors, stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic investment and innovation. By revitalizing a dormant facility into a world-class sugar production plant, the company not only redefines industry standards but also drives economic growth and social progress in the region. As it continues on its path of excellence, New Dadu Sugar Mills remains committed to fostering sustainable development and making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

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