chambar sugar Mills

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Revitalizing Pakistan International Airlines: A Global Consortium’s Vision for National Pride and Economic Growth

Karachi, May 18, 2024 Pak Ethanol (Private) Limited is excited to announce the creation of a national consortium in partnership with leading international aviation groups to bid for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Pak Ethanol is co-leading this initiative with a diverse group of consortium members: This strategic alliance underscores our dedication to boosting Pakistan’s economic growth and rejuvenating its aviation industry by blending local expertise with global best practices. Pak Ethanol believes that the revival of PIA hinges on a collaborative approach rooted in national pride. By uniting top talent and resources from both Pakistan and around the world, we

1 month ago

Sustainable Practices at Chambar Sugar Mills Bagasse and Pressmud Production

Chambar Sugar Mills, formerly known as Bachani Sugar Mills Ltd., is a significant player in the sugar industry located in Deh Chuch, Union Council Chambar 2, Taluka Chambar, District Tando Allayar, Sindh. Acquired by the Omni Group in May 2011, the mill is situated 14 kilometers away from Tando Allayar Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Under the leadership of the Omni Group, Chambar Sugar Mills has embarked on a path of sustainability, focusing on the efficient utilization of by-products such as bagasse and pressmud. Overview of Operations Since the commencement of operations in 2011, Chambar Sugar Mills has become a notable